Life & Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

First Canadians life insurance is designed to protect your family from any financial risks of an unfortunate death. Should you and or your spouse die before the financial obligation on your RV is fully re-paid, your family will be relieved of the expense and heartache of paying out the loan.

You are completely protected during the entire term of your loan. The administration is direct between First Canadian and the credit granting institution, premiums are low and claims are simple. No physical exam is necessary to qualify.

Disability Insurance

First Canadian offers disability insurance designated to protect you and or your spouse from the financial risks of an interruption in your ability to earn enough income to make your payments.

This 24 hour accident and sickness insurance makes your payments for an extended period of disability. If you are sick or become injured, or get into an accident (on or off the job) and are unable to earn enough income, then your monthly payment will be paid on your behalf by First Canadian, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

There is a zero day waiting period, your monthly payment is automatically paid on your account. Benefits continue for as long as you remain disabled as defined in the policy. There are no limits on claims, during the term of your coverage. All disability insurance programs protect the entire term of your loan. Also, partial payment disability benefits are available to allow you to tailor the coverage and the premium to your specific needs.

Life & Disability InsuranceView brochure for more information.

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